1. Do you ship outside U.S.A. lower 48?

We’re sorry but at this time we DO NOT ship outside the Continental United States. We can ship to Alaska but we cant guarantee it due to the distance.

2. What are the shipping charges for live coral fragments?


Texas Delivery orders under $299 we charge $29.99 FedEx Priority Overnight

ALL OTHER STATES Delivery orders under $299 we charge 49.99 FedEx Priority Overnight

3. What are your main parameters?

Salinity 1.025-1.026 S.G.

Alkalinity 7.8-8.3 DKH

Calcium 430-460 ppm

Magnesium 1350-1400 ppm

Potassium 390-410 ppm

Nitrate 0 -.25 ppm

Phosphate 0 ppm

4. Why do you only allow a two week window to ship out corals on the checkout calendar?

Here at Fraghouse Corals we designed it to be a very quick service for you, just pick a day within the 2 week window and we’ll have it on your doorstep. 

5. What if my coral fragment arrives Dead on Arrival (DOA)?

In the rare case you should receive a dead coral please take a clear picture in the original sealed bag and email within 2 hours of receiving shipment. Please take a pic under both blue and white light so its easier to determine if its DOA. Store credit (minus shipping, unless it shipped free) will be given for future purchases in the event you receive any dead corals. 

6. What Lighting are the coral photos taken under?

White Coral pictures are taken under ReefBright XHO 50/50 lighting and the Blue Corals pictures are taken under Reefbright XHO Blues with a Cannon Rebel T-5i and a 60mm macro lens.

7. Do you Quarantine your corals?

Yes!!! Here at Fraghouse we actually have a THREE STAGE QT process that takes place over several weeks before they get permanently placed into the grow out tanks. Everything that comes in gets a long 15 minute dip in Bayer at 1 cup to 1 gallon ratio and after about a week in the first QT tank I cut them off of the base, re-dip in Bayer and into the next QT Tank. They stay there for several weeks until I feel like they’re really clean of algae and Pests then they get cut and dipped again before going into the Main grow. This way it ensures you guys NEVER get any acro eating tank destructing PESTS!

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