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Welcome to Fraghouse Corals®!

After over a decade in the hobby and years of dreaming to be a frag farmer full time, we were very proud to announce the opening of our website in early 2015! We have been working the last few years on expanding our farm to what it is today and as our corals grow we will be able to provide different species and color variations of some of the hottest corals on mother earth. Like other expert reefers, we started a small saltwater tank years ago and got hooked shortly after. Once I discovered the beauty of SPS, it wasn’t long before I was converted into a full blown StickHead and decided to take it to the next level.  Slowly but surely we have built our reef into what it is today with over 1200 different types of corals thriving in approximately 2,000 gallons of water.

As a family operated coral farming business, the main goal and purpose of our coral farming is for our customers. We started growing coral commercially to provide you hobbyists with the absolute healthiest, most colorful thriving encrusted coral fragments that we can yield from our system at the time of purchase. I try to cut big chunky frags when possible and guarantee you will never receive a “fresh cut” frag from Fraghouse Corals®.  We want your frags to arrive “Alive and ready to Thrive” every order!!!

Thanks again and Happy Reefing Reefers!!!

Brandon Wear

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